Posted by Arjun on Tuesday 31st March 2015

Laravel dynamic Body Class ?

By adding dynamic body class to html pages we can get the flexibility of easily modifying the look of the each page by using css without modifying the html markup.So here i am gonna teach you how to add dynamic body class to HTML in your laravel application with simple steps.

We are going to write the function which will explode the current URI segments and it will filter and remove the unnecessary data like digits and it will build more meaning full classes for HTML body based on the current URI.Let's start

Create a file called App/Helpers/Helper.php. and past the below code and autoload it with your composer by adding file path to composer.json
"autoload": {
"files": [

function bodyClass() {
	$body_classes = array();
	$class = "";
	foreach ( \Request::segments() as $segment )
		if ( is_numeric( $segment ) || empty( $segment ) ) {
		$class .= ! empty( $class ) ? "-" . $segment : $segment;
		array_push( $body_classes, $class );
		return ! empty( $body_classes ) ? implode( ' ', $body_classes ) : NULL;

How to Use

In you layout , add the function as shown below

<body class="{{{ bodyClass() }}}">

NOTE: Don't forgot to update autoloader by running (composer dump-autoload).