API Caching with Redis and Node.js

In this post, I would like to show you, how we can use Redis to Cache APIs response to avoid multiple hits to the API. Same technique you can use to avoid multiple database calls ..etc We gonna create the express.js application to demonstrate Redis cache example. let’s create a folder called redisCahceExample After creating, […]


How to Clear cache in Laravel 5

Here I am gonna show you few artisan commands which will help you to clear different caches in your Laravel application. Clear Application Cache To clear application cache use the php artisan cache:clear command. Generally we don’t get access to SSH on shared hosting plans, where we can do something like below shown, place below […]


How to install Alternative PHP Cache(APC) in Xampp Windows?

Find The suitable APC for the Xampp from the blow given link based on PHP Extension Build, and Xampp version. Steps to Follow Install the Apc: 1) Extract Zip file and extract rename the dll file to php_apc.dll 2) Copy Past .dell file into php/ext folder. 3) Modify the php.ini configuration file by placing […]

zend framework 2

Zend Framework 2 – Cache Example

In this post, i will show you how to cache your data in ZF2 using “filesystem” adapter.We can directly instance the “ZendCacheStorageAdapter* ” classes or you can implement factory . It’s always better to create caching adapters by using factory for avoiding to do it manually for each time.With the help of service locator we […]