Upload file to AWS s3 bucket using PowerShell

In this tutorial, we gonna upload files and folders to the AWS s3 bucket using PowerShell. First, you’ll need to install the general AWS.Tools.Installer package, for more information, follow the link.

Run following command in PowerShell with admin privileges.

Install-Module -Name AWS.Tools.Installer

This post assumes that, you have AccessKey, SecretKey for you AWS s3 bucket.

Set-AWSCredential `
                 -AccessKey "YOUR_ACCESS_KEY_ID" `
                 -SecretKey "YOUR_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY" `
                 -StoreAs default

After setting AWS credential, let’s upload file with following command

 Write-S3Object -BucketName "YourBucketName" -Key "desiredFileNameInBucket.tar" -File "localFile.tar"

For more examples visit :

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