Laravel dynamic Body Class ?

By adding dynamic body class to html pages we can get the flexibility of easily modifying the look of the each page by using css without modifying the html markup.So here i am gonna teach you how to add dynamic body class […]

Combine two DB query results in Laravel?

We can merge easily laravel’s query result with another result object, by using laravel’s Collections method called merge(), It will merge a collection with another collection, and return a single collection […]

Web Notifications API

Web notifications API was designed to display END user notifications(desktop notifications), which allows alerting the user outside the context of a web page. This API is really very useful to show real time notifications […]

Dos and Don’ts to write a great blog

The Internet has been and will be an essential tool towards achieving success. More importantly, it has given a wide platform to express the inner creativity. Today’s citizen is an individual and that’s where a blog […]

Sending Email in Laravel Application?

Sending Emails is very important requirement of the almost all modern web applications. Sending Emails in Laravel Based applications is very simple because Laravel email class is built on the SwiftMailer package and it’s […]

PHP-Fusion: Prevent Spams With Installing reCaptcha

If you have set up an e-mail contact form on your website, then it won’t take too long before you start getting spam (i.e. unwanted e-mail) in your feedback form. And as time passes by, the bulk of your feedback […] Protection Status