CodeIgniter _remap function?

CodeIgniter permits you to override its default routing behavior through the use of the _remap() function. As you already knew the second segment of the URI typically determines with function is in the controller get called and it will be passed as a parameter to the _remap() function. So to hide the real method name in the URL you can use _remap() and you can define your own set of routing rules.

CodeIgniter _remap function?

If your controller contains a function named _remap(), it will always get called regardless of what your URI contains. It overrides the normal behavior. For example: your URL is http://localhost/index.php/post/index and you do not want to call index for this then you can use _remap() to map new function view instead of index like this.

Any extra segments after the method name are passed into _remap() as an optional second parameter. This array can be used in combination with PHP’s call_user_func_array() to reproduce the CodeIgniter’s default behavior.

we can process your mappings neatly by avoiding multiple if – else if – else and switch statements, by defining your methods with a prefix(Ex: process) and calling methods dynamically with call_user_func_array() as shown below.


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