Posted by Arjun on Tuesday 17th April 2018

How to configure allowed IP Address in Azure SQL firewall

How to Azure

In this post, I would like to show how you can configure the Azure SQL firewall settings. By configuring the firewall settings, you can allow connections from a specific IP address(IP ranges) to your Azure SQL database.

Login to your Azure portal and navigate to your SQL server page. Once you are on the SQL server page click on the set server firewall link (you can find this in the top menu) and it will navigate to theFirewall settings page and it looks like the below-shown screen.

From this page, you can add a new IP address (or range) to the list of IP addresses allowed to connect. The screen even shows your current IP address, in case you are attempting to add yourself.

If you want to allow connections globally (which I don't recommend for production servers) you can add start IP as and end IP as because all the ip address will be within this range.