How to Install Node.js on Windows?

In this post i am gonna write About node.js installation on Windows operating systems.

Go to , nodejs’s official website , Click on the install button , will automatically download pre complied Binary for your computer and the installer will configure automatically. There are couple of disadvantages of pre complied Binary installation, update required re-installation and switching b/w different versions requires new installation.

Quick Steps :

1. Go to the NodeJS home page
2. Click install to download the Binary installer package
3.Run it and follow the instructions, you now have NPM (node package manager) and Node.js installed
4.Reset your computer to get everything working in your command-line interface (CLI)

Node.js Installation using version manager

An other way of installing node, is using version manager (nvm – Node Version Manage), we can easily install and switch b/w version using this method , visit Github page for installation Steps at :

Verify Installation of Node.js on Windows

Here’s a quick program to make sure everything is up and running correctly,

To run the server, put the code into a file called example.js and execute it with the node program

Now point your Browser at :,
This should display an image similar to the Below Image. If it still isn’t working walk back through the above steps or leave a comment below for more help.

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