Posted by Arjun on Saturday 26th January 2019

Node js - Azure blob storage generate temporary public url for private file.

How to Azure Blob Public URL

This article demonstrates how to generate a temporary public URL to access a private file which resides inside the Azure blob storage which has private access.

We gonna use NodeJS and Azure's official npm module to generate a temporary public URL for a private file using shared access signatures (SAS).

Let's create a directory called AzureBlogTest and Initiate the project with,npm init --yes it will create a file namedpackage.json inside the current directory. Now install the project dependency with npm install azure-storage

After installing decency, let's create a file namedserver.js and place below code in it.

        const azureStorage = require('azure-storage');
        const blobService = azureStorage.createBlobService('Azure Account Name','Azure Storage accountKey');
        const getBlobTempPublicUrl = (containerName, blobName) => {
            const startDate = new Date();
            const expiryDate = new Date(startDate);
            expiryDate.setMinutes(startDate.getMinutes() + 100);
            startDate.setMinutes(startDate.getMinutes() - 100);
            const sharedAccessPolicy = {
                AccessPolicy: {
                    Permissions: azureStorage.BlobUtilities.SharedAccessPermissions.READ,
                    Start: startDate,
                    Expiry: expiryDate
            const token = blobService.generateSharedAccessSignature(containerName, blobName, sharedAccessPolicy);
            return blobService.getUrl(containerName, blobName, token);

        const containerName = 'your container name';
        const blobName = 'your blob name';
        const url = getBlobTempPublicUrl(containerName, blobName);

Now run the code with node server.js command, in the console you will get Azure Blob URL.