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How to Integrate PayKun Payment Gateway in WordPress

It is easy and hassle-free to integrate the WordPress websites with the available Plugins from PayKun Payment Gateway. With PayKun WordPress Plugins you do not require any technical knowledge because the steps are very basic and enable smooth integration with your site. It supports WooCommerce >= 2.4, including the new 3.0 release.

PayKun Payment Gateway in WordPress

With PayKun WordPress Plugin you can start collecting the payments online at the lowest rates with multiple payment options without any extra charges. PayKun Plugin enables a safe and secure payment transfer with its PCI DSS Compliance.

The PayKun WordPress Plugin is compatible with WooCommerce >= 2.4, including the new 3.0 release. It has been tested up to the 3.1.1 WooCommerce release.

PayKun Payment Gateway WordPress Integration step-by-step process

  1. You will need to register with your merchant account with the basic details and documents first from PayKun(https://paykun.com/). These details and documents will be further verified and the account will be activated.
  2. Know the PayKun Merchant ID, Access Token, and API Encryption Key. You can get the Merchant ID from the “My Profile” segment of the merchant dashboard and API Key from Settings > Security
  3. Download the plugin and install it from the WordPress Plugin Directory(https://wordpress.org/plugins/paykun-gateway-woocommerce/).
  4. Log into your WordPress account(https://wordpress.com/log-in) and activate the PayKun plugin in the WordPress Plugin Manager.
  5. Visit the WooCommerce Settings page, and click on the Checkout/Payment Gateways tab.
  6. Now you will find paykun payment method make it enable and click on the ‘Manage’ button on the right side.
  7. Click on PayKun to edit the settings.
  8. Enable the Payment Method, name it Credit Card / Debit Card / Internet Banking (this is shown on the payment page your customer sees).
  9. Enter your PayKun Merchant ID, Access Token & Encryption Key. These can be generated from your Dashboard.
  10. Set the Payment Action to Authorize and Capture to auto-capture payments. If you want to capture payments manually from the Dashboard after manual verification, set the Payment Method to Authorize.
  11. Now you can see Paykun in your payment option.
  12. Please note: Save the below configuration.
    • Is live – Live option for real-time and Sandbox for testing
    • Enable – Enable checkbox
    • Title – Paykun
    • Description – Default
    • Merchant Id – Staging/Production Merchant Id provided by Paykun
    • Access Token – Staging/Production Access Token provided by Paykun
    • Encryption Key – Staging/Production Encryption Key provided by Paykun
    • Return Page – My Account
    • Log (yes/no) – For troubleshooting
  13. Your Woo-commerce plug-in is now installed. You can accept payment through PayKun.

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