File Upload using dropzone.js and Codeigniter

In this post, I will show you, how to upload files with drag and drop interface with dropzone.js in your Codeigniter framework applications. Dropzone.js comes with nice CSS and Javascript that makes it a breeze to work […]

How to Prevent SQL injection in Codeigniter?

In the web application security, SQL injections are place a very important role. To prevent SQL injections in PHP, we usually use mysql_real_escape_string() function along with other techniques. In codeIgniter ,we no need […]

Custom validation Rules in codeigniter ?

CodeIgniter From Validation Library is Pretty Simple to Use and very powerful. We can define our own Custom Validation Rules in CodeIgniter in two different approaches. 1. By Using Callbacks. 2. By Extend CodeIgniter’s […]

Multiple Database Connection in CodeIgniter

You Can Connect to Multiple Database in the same Codeigniter application easily. To use Multiple Database Connections you have to crate multiple Configurations Arrays. By default CI had following line of code to connect […]

Why Codeigniter removes inline style from html input ?

Recently i ran into to the situation to set inline styles to element on the page using html inputs,project is developed using CodeIgniter framework , for security reasons I had enabled XSS filtering Globally in application/config/config.php […]

AJAX + CSRF Protection in Codeigniter ?

Codeigniter 2.0 adds an important security feature to prevent CSRF (Cross Site Request Forgery) attacks. Even better, the feature is automatically added to your forms(if you enable CSRF in Config, and if you use CI form […]

How to use Captcha in CodeIgniter?

In this tutorial, I will show you integrating Captcha in your CodeIgniter application. We gonna use CI’s builtin captcha helper and contains functions that assist in creating CAPTCHA images. This helper needs GD […]

Pagination with CodeIgniter ?

In this tutorial, We gonna use CodeIgniter built-in pagination library to show the paginated list of items on your web page. Here are the steps to paginate in the CodeIgniter 3 application with CodeIgniter built-in pagination […]

Build a RSS 2.0 feed with CodeIgniter?

RSS (Real Simple Syndication) feeds can be found everywhere on the internet. News and information are delivered using it and discussions forums, blogging sites enable usually different types of feeds for their users. Whenever […]

CodeIgniter GZIP

CodeIgniter is one of the PHP MVC Framework with minimum learning curve best documentation and easy workflow, in CodeIgniter we can easily Enable or Disable GZIP Compression by Changing Config array values (TRUE – […]

How to Set, Get and Delete Cookies in CodeIgniter ?

We can Set, Get and Delete Cookies with CodeIgniter Cookie Helper, Cookie Helper contains functions that assist in working with cookies. Before using Cookie Helper functions you Should load cookie Helper, in the following […]

How to Refresh Current Page in CodeIgniter?

With the help of CodeIgniter Built in function redirect(), we can refresh or redirect the page based on given parameters. CI’s redirect() is resides in the URL helper, so in order to use redirect() function, you […]